I’m Leyre, the dreamer behind LËËLAWEI. At the end of 2017 I moved to Mexico to join an audiovisual project with the Hñähñu community in the state of Querétaro. What at first was going to be a six-month stay became an experience of almost two years in which I did not stop marveling and learning from the ancestral knowledge of this culture. Mexico is vibrant, it is tender, wild and special. And if you also fall in love with a chilango, it goes without saying that you will remain united to this republic forever.

From that union and from the appreciation and respect for the original communities, LËËLAWEI was born. Our goal is to show this side of the world the beauty and diversity of the Mexican textile and artisan tradition. Offering more sustainable fashion alternatives while empowering the communities with which we work directly, without intermediaries. We honor the artisan hands that preserve the memory of centuries-old techniques and celebrate their identity. Because fashion is more than aesthetics, it is a story, which must be told from its origins.

All LËËLAWEI pieces are made by hand, which means that they may have small imperfections or variations that make them unique and real.